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The Most Complex Car In The World

It's DaimlerChrysler's "Maybach" and it's packed full of electronics to give every function imaginable.

by Julian Edgar

DaimlerChrysler has recently released its "Maybach" luxury sedans - amongst the most expensive cars ever built and certainly the most complex.

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The cars are simply jammed with electronics - there is barely a function or component that isn't either electronic or controlled electronically. In fact, there are no less than 76 electronic control units in the car! Let's have a quick look at some of the highlights.

To suggest that the rear compartment is luxurious is something of an understatement. Seated behind a glass partition that can vary in transparency via a sandwiched liquid crystal membrane (a glass sunroof uses the same technology), passengers can electrically adjust the fore-aft movement and backrest angle, with the latter able to be reclined to 47°. A memory facility allows these settings to be recalled.

In addition, the seats contain a pneumatic lumbar massage function, whereby an internal bag is alternately filled and relieved of air.

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