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Electronics In Schools: The Class of 2002

You won't believe some of the electronics projects the kids are making in school these days.

By Ross Tester

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Recently, SILICON CHIP received a phone call from David Kennedy who teaches electronics to Higher School Certificate students at Mater Maria College in Warriewood.

He told us that all of the students' final year projects were laid out ready for marking by HSC assessors (in fact, they were being marked as he spoke) - and as Mater Maria College is only a stones-throw from the SILICON CHIP offices, he thought that we might be interested in seeing what the students had achieved.

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He was sure the students would also be keen to hear any comments we had - positive or negative - about the projects. While anything we said would not affect the HSC marks, he thought the students themselves would benefit.

So it was during an afternoon in late August, Leo Simpson and myself went over to Mater Maria (to our knowledge, the only school in the area with electronics in the senior curriculum) to see what the students had achieved.

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