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Telephone Headset Adaptor

Keep your hands free with this simple low-cost project. It can be used with any phone that uses RJ11 modular plugs and sockets.

By John Clarke

Some people have "prehensile" necks and can quite easily hold a phone handset between their chin and shoulder so they can talk "hands free" and take notes, etc. Other people are normal and can't do it.

But we'll give you a tip: even if you can do it, it isn't good for your neck anyway. Ask your local chiropractor how many business people they see with crook necks - and most are caused by holding a phone handset without hands.

Instead, do what they do in call centres: get yourself kitted up with a phone headset and build this little adaptor to connect it to your phone. It makes life so much easier if you have to spend long periods on the phone.

What the headset adaptor does is connect between your telephone and the handset. To use the phone, the handset is lifted off the rest ("off-hook") to answer or make a call. A switch on the adaptor then allows you to select the handset or the headset. To hang up, the handset is placed back on the phone as normal.

The adaptor is housed in a small plastic case with two RJ11 4P/4C modular sockets at each end. These US-style modular sockets are used on just about all phones these days, so the handset can just be plugged into the adaptor's output socket.

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