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Automatic Single-Channel Light Dimmer

It's fully automatic, has a host of features and will drive incandescent lamp loads up to 2400W.

By John Clarke

The Silicon Chip Touch/Remote Controlled Dimmer, described in the January and February 2002 issues, was a low power device, suitable for lamp loads up to 250W. That's OK for dimming the lights in your lounge room or bedroom but useless for dimming high power stage lights or a bank of lights in a hall or church.

For that purpose you need a high power dimmer and that is the reason for this completely new design. It is specially designed to drive the high power lamps used in stage lighting, up to a total of 2400W. It has all sorts of control features such as preset brightness levels, dimming rates, flash on and off buttons and so on.

Our last high power dimmer, featured in the August 1994 issue, was a fairly basic design with just a slider knob to control the brightness. This new design has no slider knob but can dim up or down manually or automatically and has LED bargraphs to indicate the brightness levels, dimming rates and more.

Main Features
  • High power lamp control
  • Maximum lamp brightness preset
  • Minimum lamp brightness preset for filament preheating
  • Automatic or manual dimming between brightness presets
  • Separate flash on and flash off
  • Flash brightness preset
  • Dimming rate programmable from instant through to 40 seconds
  • A and B dimming rate selection
  • Lamp brightness indication
  • Automatic dim up and dim down indication

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