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A 12/24V Intelligent Solar Power Battery Charger.

Don't cook your batteries by connecting them directly to a solar panel. This charger turns off the power when the battery is charged.

By Ross Tester

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There are many people across Australia, nay, around the world, who rely on "free" power from the sun, courtesy of the solar cells mounted on their roofs.

For many of those, solar power is their only source of power: typically, these are people who live too far away from the electricity grid to make connection economic. For them, the somewhat questionable economic returns of solar power don't come into the equation: if you want power, you have to make it yourself.

As we mentioned in that feature, the basic choices are hydro, wind, bio-mass or solar. And while there are plenty of micro-hydro systems, wind generators and even some small-scale bio-mass systems, by far the largest percentage of people opt for solar power.

However, there are many others, city and country who, for many reasons -environmental, experimental, (or perhaps just plain mental!) have decided that they too would like some of this "free" power.

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