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A 2.4GHz High-Power Audio-Video Link

Forget about flea power A-V links. This one has an output of 0.5W for a range of about 200 meters using simple "whip" antennas.

By Ross Tester

Click for larger image
Click for larger image
You will have seen adverts for devices of this type - they've become quite popular in recent years.

Operating on a frequency of 2.4GHz (that's 2,400,000,000Hz for the uninitiated!), most have about 10mW or so output and while they work well over a short range, the range is limited by the low power.

This design has much higher power - around 0.5W output, in fact. So as you might expect, the range is very significantly extended. With the simple coax cable "whip" antennas shown here, the range is reliably 200m or more. But if you use a simple dipole antenna, you could expect much more range - maybe 10 times or more.

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