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Home-Brew Weatherproof 2.4GHz WiFi Antennas

2.4GHz wireless networking (WiFi) is on the rise. Here's how to make two high-performance weatherproof WiFi antennas.

By Rob Clark

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The Downpipe waveguide antenna mounted on a standard TV mast. Due to increased wind loading, guy-wires are used for stability.
We're going to show you how to build two antennas - the Downpipe Antenna and the AntCap Antenna.

Now just in case the significance of those names has been lost on you, the Downpipe Antenna is a wide-beam antenna that is suitable for use at the center of a wireless network and is, in fact, made from a length of downpipe.

The AntCap Antenna is, suprisingly enough, made from (you guessed it!) an ant cap. It is a narrow-beam antenna used to connect to either another AntCap (for a point-to-point link), or to a Downpipe antenna.

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