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Fitting A Wireless Microphone To The PortaPAL

Here's how to fit a pro-quality wireless mic to the PortaPAL to make it truly portable.

By Ross Tester

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The "Redback" 16-Channel Mini Wireless Microphone System from Altronics. It operates on the UHF band, away from digital TV interference. In the receiver pack, you get the diversity receiver, 12V plugpack supply, 6.5mm to 6.5mm audio cable, "screwdriver" (for adjusting squelch level), the 2-part mounting bracket and the two screws to fix it to the receiver. The microphone is sold separately.
To say that the PortaPAL PA Amplifier has stirred up a lot of interest is something of an understatement. We've fielded a lot of enquiries here at SILICON CHIP - not the least of which was "is there a kit available."

If we might digress for a moment and answer that question, Altronics (1300 797 007) have produced "short form" kits for both the amplifier and the power supply/charger.

By short form, they mean that the PC boards and all the electronics are supplied but not the "hardware", although the heatsink and a screened front panel/chassis are included in the main amplifier kit.

The main amplifier kit (Cat K5360) sells for $179.95, while the power supply/charger kit (Cat K1695) sells for $19.95. So for less than $200 (not much less, but less!) you get the bulk of the project. Compare this with $575 for Altronics nearest "built up" equivalent and it represents very good value for money.

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