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A Programmable PIC-Powered Timer

This PIC-based timer can be set for any period from one second up to 680 days and even (theoretically) up to nearly 60 years.

By Trent Jackson

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Is it accurate?" you ask. You betcha! Hard to program, complicated and expensive to build? Not at all.

Most timers seem to be capable of only doing the one same thing, in allowing only one timing duration period with the relay either on or off during the timing cycle.

But this PIC-based timer is capable of up to eight individual ON/OFF event times of up to 2040 hours ON/OFF for each event. Seconds, minutes and hours programming in binary, with a one second resolution to boot, is all possible.

Loop control allows all timing events to run in a continuous cycle all year round.

All eight timing events are executed in a sequential fashion and therefore can be chained together to give one extremely impressive timing delay of 16,320 hours - or the best part of two years!

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