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A Cheap 'n' Easy Motorbike Alarm

It's simple to build, can be fitted to almost any bike and is very easy to operate. It's armed and disarmed with the ignition key.

By Mike Gergos

Many motorbikes today cost almost as much as - and of ten more than - a small car. Their value and their mobility makes them targets for thieves - whether joyriders (hate that word - there's no joy for the owner!) or professional crooks.

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The complete alarm, shown with a small piezo siren which can be mounted anywhere on the bike with access to free air (so the sound isn't muffled). Just keep in mind that most piezos don't like water one little bit!
It's somewhat surprising then to find how few 'bikes are fitted with alarm systems. That's probably because alarms for bikes have been in the "too hard" basket - they are exposed to the weather (with all the problems that creates); they are vulnerable because they can't be hidden "inside"; they are too big for a small bike; you can't hide operating switches; you need to get at the wiring harness . . . and so on.

Here's a motorbike alarm which addresses all those problems and more. It's heatshrunk to protect it, it's tiny enough to be hidden just about anywhere, it doesn't need any external controls - and it suits virtually all 'bikes. As long as they have a battery and a headlight, this alarm should suit.

The alarm is "armed" automatically. When you turn the ignition off, you have 20 seconds to get off the bike. After this time, if anyone attempts to get on the bike or move it, they'll hear a series of warning "chirps" followed by four seconds of quiet. It's then in a "heightened alarm" state: touch it again within 30 seconds or so and the alarm screams its head off for 45 seconds!

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