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FAQ's on the MP3 Jukebox player.

By Peter Smith

Saving Playlist Files

Q: I have just purchased and built the MP3 Jukebox kit from Altronics. I found it worked better than I expected but the only problem is that I am only able to load one playlist and play from that. Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong?

I have about 1000 MP3s on their own hard drive (F), broken up into about 25 different categories. I have created some Winamp playlists and put them in each directory (ie, F:\80s\80s.m3u). Also, I have tried putting all the playlists in F drive (ie, F:\80s.m3u). I cannot load another playlist using the remote control. I have set up the remote control as you suggested on page 31 of the October 2001 issue. What am I doing wrong or is it the software?

A: Playlist (.M3U) files must be saved in the same directory as the MP3 files that they list.

Each entry in a .M3U file must contain only the filename, not the full pathname. For example, the full pathname to a track might be "F:\80s\MySong.MP3" but the entry for this track in the .M3U file should be only "MySong.MP3".

You don't mention anything about having created a metalist. Following the instructions in the article, create a metalist that contains the full pathname to each of your .M3U files. You can save the metalist file anywhere. Remember to define the path to the metalist in IR Remote Setup, selecting the "metalist" option.

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