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Review: Jamo Concert 8 Loudspeaker System

1 Apr, 2000

Interested in surround sound? This loudspeaker system has to be heard to be appreciated.

A Digital Tachometer For Your Car

2 Apr, 2000

Compact design features a 4-digit LED display and a bargraph. It can also provide gearchange indication and drive a rev limiter.

Serviceman's Log

3 Apr, 2000

The fault that fixed itself.

Publisher's Letter

4 Apr, 2000

Internet companies an unknown quantity

How To Run A 3-Phase Induction Motor From 240VAC

5 Apr, 2000

It can be done but with some loss of efficiency.

RoomGuard: A Low Cost Intruder Alarm

6 Apr, 2000

Simple design interfaces to a battery-powered smoke detector.

Vintage Radio

7 Apr, 2000

The Hellier Award; Part Three

Product ShowCase

8 Apr, 2000

Dual Is Back!, External case runs IDE drives from parallel port, Low-cost DMM is packed with features, Test & measurement brochure is free and much more!!

Atmel's ICE 200 In-Circuit Emulator

9 Apr, 2000

You can use it to develop and debug software for the AVR series of microcontrollers. It's ideal for novices too.

Build A Hot Wire Cutter

10 Apr, 2000

It's easy to build and lets you cut plastic foam without mess.

Mitsubishi's Diamond View DV180 LCD Monitor

12 Apr, 2000

If you see it, you'll want it.

The OzTrip Car Computer: Part Two

13 Apr, 2000

Building, installing and calibrating this brilliant new car computer.

Build A Temperature Logger

14 Apr, 2000

Standalone unit can record up to 2048 measurements and display the results on your PC.

Ask Silicon Chip  - 11 Apr, 2000

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