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Book Reviews

3 Jun, 2001

L'il Snooper: A Low-Cost Camera Switcher

7 Jun, 2001

Monitor up to four security cameras on a single monitor with this easy to build unit. It automatically selects each camera in turn.

Using Linux To Share An Internet Connection; Pt.2

9 Jun, 2001

Our topics this month include connecting to the internet, setting up demand dialling and installing a fire wall.

A PC Games Port Tester

17 Jun, 2001

So your joystick dosen't work? Is it the games port, a software problem or the joystick itself? This simple device will tell you if the games port is OK.

Phonome: Call, Listen & Switch Devices On & Off

19 Jun, 2001

Simple device that lets you call home, switch devices on and off and listen for any sounds. There's no connection to the phone line.

Fast Universal Power Charger

23 Jun, 2001

It chargers nicad, NiMH, lithium-ion and SLA batteries as well as a conventional car and bike lead-acid batteries. Build it and solve all your charging problems in one hit.

Vintage Radio

25 Jun, 2001

The miniature STC A-141 mantle radio

A PC To Die For, Pt.1

27 Jun, 2001

Blinding speed, lots of memory, huge hard disk & DVD drive - you can have it all.

Ask Silicon Chip  - 1 Jun, 2001

Publisher's Letter  - 5 Jun, 2001

Mailbag  - 11 Jun, 2001

Circuit Notebook  - 14 Jun, 2001

Serviceman's Log  - 21 Jun, 2001

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