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P-Tag: A Wearable Health Information Card

1 Aug, 2001

New 8MB flash memory card stores your entire medical history. You wear it around your neck.

Build A 200W Mosfet Amplifier Module

3 Aug, 2001

A compact audio powerhouse ideal for guitar or PA work or for use as a general-purpose subwoofer or hifi amplifier.

A 6-Digit Frequency Counter Module

7 Aug, 2001

Low-cost unit measures frequencies up to 40MHz

A Direct Injection Box For Musicians

11 Aug, 2001

Don't put up with hum. This versatile DI box converts an unbalanced input to a balanced output signal and includes a 3-band equaliser.

A PC To Die For, Pt.3 - You Can Build It For Yourself

13 Aug, 2001

Updating the BIOS and drivers to squash the remaining bugs. The advice applies to other PCs as well.

Vintage Radio

17 Aug, 2001

Substituting for valves that are no longer available

Headlight Reminder For Cars

19 Aug, 2001

Ever forgotten to turn your car's headlights off? This device could save you from a flat battery.

Using Linux To Share An Internet Connection, Pt.3

21 Aug, 2001

How to tweak the settings so that you can log on as a user. We also cover logging and show you how to make it easy to drive.

The Role Of Electronics In Mine Clearing

25 Aug, 2001

Abandoned land mines are a big problem in many countries. Here's a look at the methods used for detecting these deadly devices.

20GHz, 1 Billion Transistor Microprocessors Are Coming  - 5 Aug, 2001

Serviceman's Log  - 9 Aug, 2001

Publishers Letter  - 27 Aug, 2001

Mailbag  - 29 Aug, 2001

Ask Silicon Chip  - 31 Aug, 2001

Circuit Notebook  - 31 Aug, 2001

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