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6-Channel IR Remote Volume Control - Part 1

2 Mar, 2002

It's ideal for use with Dolby 5.1 digital decoders and lets you adjust the volume of all six channels simultaneously.

Circuit Notebook

6 Mar, 2002

The Itsy-Bitsy USB Lamp

8 Mar, 2002

It plugs into the USB port and is just the shot for checking motherboard switch and jumper settings.

The "Mighty Midget" Audio Amplifier Module

12 Mar, 2002

It's based on a Philips class-H audio amplififer IC and can deliver 36W RMS OR 70W music power, all from a 13.8V supply.

An RIAA Preamplifier For Magnetic Cartridges

14 Mar, 2002

Many modern amplifiers lack phono inputs. This preamplifier solves that problem.

A 12/24V Intelligent Solar Power Battery Charger.

18 Mar, 2002

Don't cook your batteries by connecting them directly to a solar panel. This charger turns off the power when the battery is charged.

Solar Power For All: Does It Add Up?

20 Mar, 2002

Is solar power a good investment for the average householder? We take a look at some of the figures and the current incentives.

Terra: Mission To Planet Earth

22 Mar, 2002

A look at the technology behind NASA's new Earth observation satelittes.

Vintage Radio

24 Mar, 2002

The AWA 716C 7-Band console - Part 1

Generate Audio Tones Using Your PC's Soundcard

26 Mar, 2002

Looking for a low-cost audio generator? If you have a PC with a soundcard, this one is for free!

Ask Silicon Chip  - 4 Mar, 2002

Mailbag  - 10 Mar, 2002

Serviceman's Log  - 16 Mar, 2002

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