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Automatic Single-Channel Light Dimmer - Part 2

4 May, 2002

Second (and final) article has all the construction and setup details.

The Battery Guardian

6 May, 2002

Don't get caught with a flat battery; this easy-to-build circuit can cut off the power to a 12V fridge or car stereo system if the battery voltages drops below critical level.

Circuit Notebook

8 May, 2002

Fuel Cells: The Quiet Emission-Free Power Source

10 May, 2002

You will be amazed at the developments that are happening with fuel cells, especially in transport. Your next car could have one as its power source.

Vintage Radio

12 May, 2002

The AWA FS6 military transceiver.

Build A Stereo Headphone Amplifier

14 May, 2002

It's based on a single IC and can be used with RIAA (turntable) preamp described in our March 2002 issue (or anything else)

PIC Controlled 32-LED Knightrider

16 May, 2002

A PIC processor simplifies the circuit and gives 12 different lighting patterns for the 32 LEDs. You can use it as a rear window break light as an eye catching display.

Shark Shield: Keeping The Man-eaters At Bay

22 May, 2002

You strap it on for surfing, snorkelling and diving and it keeps you safe from dangerous sharks.

Stepper Motor Controller

24 May, 2002

Use one of those surplus motors with these cheap and easy-to-build controller.

Ask Silicon Chip  - 2 May, 2002

Mailbag  - 18 May, 2002

Serviceman's Log  - 20 May, 2002

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