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12-channel Infrared Remote Control

2 Sep, 2002

It uses an infrared remote control unit and can switch 12 circuits, all either momentary or latched.

Driving Light and Accessory Protector for Cars

4 Sep, 2002

External devices on cars are an easy target for thieves. Or at least they were: this will keep the crooks away from your car.

NASA's Mission: To Catch a Comet

6 Sep, 2002

No, it's not the plot of a Speilberg epic. NASA plan to blast a hole deep inside a comet to learn more about them.

Circuit Notebook

8 Sep, 2002

Ultra-Low drop linear voltage regulator-Simple logic probe-12V car battery charger-Battery tester for deaf/blind persons-Awaken the deaf!

Review: Pico ADC-212 Virtual Instrument

16 Sep, 2002

PC-based virtual instruments are a genuine alternative to expensive bench-top models. Here's one such instrument, the Pico ADC-212.

Vintage Radio

18 Sep, 2002

The Barlow-Wadley XRC-30 MK II HF receiver.

50-Watt DC Electronic Load

24 Sep, 2002

Easy-To-Build circuit is ideal for testing DC power supplies, shunt regulators and constant current sources.

One-chip Transceivers for easy UHF Data Communications.

26 Sep, 2002

Short-range wireless data communication has become a whole lot easier in recent times. The tranceivers suit a wide range of uses.

Bluetooth: Getting Rid of Cables

28 Sep, 2002

PCs and computer peripherals can be easily networked without running cables, with up to 100m range.

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