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Improved Speed Controller for Universal Motors

1 Oct, 2002

Use it to control the speed of circular saws, routers, jig saws, electrics drills and lawn edgers rated up to 1200W.

Build An AVR ISP Serial Programmer

7 Oct, 2002

It allows you to reprogram your AVR micro in a flash, without even removing it from the application circuit.

"Whistle & Point " Cable Tracer

9 Oct, 2002

Connect it to one end of the cable conductor and listen for the whistle at the other end and your wiring tracing problems are solved.

Circuit Notebook

11 Oct, 2002

(1) DC Automotive Tester With Current Probe; (2) Winter Charge Booster For 12V Car Batteries; (3) Triple-LED Version Of Torch; (4) One-Of-Nine Sequencer; (5) Simple AM Transmitter; (6) Battery Status Indicator; (7) Smoke Alarm Battery Life Extender.

Electronics In Schools: The Class of 2002

13 Oct, 2002

You won't believe some of the electronics projects the kids are making in school these days.

Vintage Radio

15 Oct, 2002

Radio Corporation WS122 army transceiver.

PC Parallel Port Wizard

17 Oct, 2002

This simple gizmo can test your PC's parallel port. It can also teach you a lot about the way parallel ports operate.

Honda Fuel-Cell Vehicle Released In USA

23 Oct, 2002

No mass market plans yet but it's the first fuel-cell vehicle to receive government certification and hit the road.

6+ Megapixel SLR Cameras  - 3 Oct, 2002

Ask Silicon Chip  - 5 Oct, 2002

3D TV In Your Home  - 15 Oct, 2002

Serviceman's Log  - 21 Oct, 2002

Mailbag  - 25 Oct, 2002

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