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Review: WM232-UHF Wireless Modem

2 Feb, 2003

Reliable short-range wireless links for remote control and data acquisition. And its licence free.

240V Mains Filter For Hifi Systems

4 Feb, 2003

Get rid of clicks, pops, spruigles and sundry other noises in your hifi system.

Circuit Notebook

6 Feb, 2003

(1) 12V Lead-Acid Battery Desulphator; (2) Low Supply Rail Detection Circuit; (3) Fifth Channel For Code-Hopping Remote Control; (4) Two Simple Headlight Reminders; (5) In-Situ Battery Test Probe; (6) Engine Immobiliser

Using Linux To Share An Optus Cable Modem Internet Connection - Part 4

8 Feb, 2003

Firewall logs,operating with a keyboard or monitor & automatic shutdowns.

PICAXE: The New Millennium 555?

10 Feb, 2003

Simple to use, even for old-timers, the PICAXE-08 is the PIC for everyman. Here's how to get started.

The PortaPAL Public Address System - Part 1

12 Feb, 2003

It's packed with features, is easy to build and rivals commercial systems costing much more

Book Review:Motor Home Electrics & Caravans Too!, by Collyn Rivers.

15 Feb, 2003

The SC480 50W RMS Amplifier Module - Part 2

16 Feb, 2003

Everything you need to know about putting together this outstanding new power amplifier module (covers both versions).

Vintage Radio

18 Feb, 2003

Aligning TRF & superhet radio front-ends.

Tracking Down An Elusive Fault in Windows XP

24 Feb, 2003

Don't reinstall the operating system when things go wrong. Here's the logical apporach to tracking down system faults.

Serviceman's Log  - 20 Feb, 2003

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