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3 Feb, 2004

Vintage Radio

10 Feb, 2004

The HMV 660 console of 1940

Hands-On PC Board Design For Beginners; Pt.1

13 Feb, 2004

A practical guide to downloading, installing and configuring the free Autotrax PC board design software.

Twenty-Five Years of Automotive ABS

16 Feb, 2004

Anti-Lock Braking Systems have now been around for 25 years and have saved many lives. Here's a brief look at their development.

Breaking the Gigapixel Barrier

18 Feb, 2004

It's claimed to be the biggest digital photo ever but it's not done by simply pointing and clicking a camera.

PC Power Monitor

19 Feb, 2004

It clips into your PC and has three LED bargraphs to indicate the health of the PC's supply rails.

Studio 350 Power Amplifier Module; Pt.2

20 Feb, 2004

The construction details for this new high-power audio amplifier plus the circuit and wiring details for a matching power supply.

Using the Valve Preamp in a hifi system

23 Feb, 2004

Here's how to add a volume control and modify the November 2003 Valve Audio Preamplifier for use with line level signals.

Our Fantastic Human-Powered LED Torches

25 Feb, 2004

Sure you've seen LED torches before but not like these. There are no batteries; you just crank the handle to generate light.

Shorted Turns Tester

27 Feb, 2004

No TV or monitor technician should be without this unit. Build it and you'll wonder how you ever got along without it.

PICAXE-18X 4-channel datalogger Pt.2:

29 Feb, 2004

Adding a real-time clock

Ask Silicon Chip  - 5 Feb, 2004

Serviceman's Log  - 7 Feb, 2004

Publisher's Letter  - 8 Feb, 2004

Circuit Notebook  - 9 Feb, 2004

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