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Shut That Mutt

2 Apr, 2004

Got a problem with barking dogs? Shut 'em up with this high powered screamer. It gives an ultrasonic blast that only they can hear.

A Smart Mixture Display For Your Car

4 Apr, 2004

A 10-LED display indicates the fuel mixture, while a small buzzer sounds if the mixtures go dangerously lean.

Vintage Radio

5 Apr, 2004

Vintage radio parts: the art of cannibalism & making do

Worldspace Radio By Satellite In Australia

7 Apr, 2004

All you need is a satellite dish and a special reciever to open up a whole new world of "radio" broadcasts.

ESR Meter Mk.2

9 Apr, 2004

The easy way to identify faulty electros

Redback 8-channel

13 Apr, 2004

Looking for a good quality 8-channel mixer? Take a look at the Redback A4425 from Altronics.

Level meter for home theatre systems

15 Apr, 2004

Having trouble adjusting the levels in your home theatre system? This simple project makes the job easy.

Looking Into LEDs

19 Apr, 2004

Their history, recent developments and whats avaliable.

Hands-On PC BOARD DESIGN For Beginners: Pt.3

22 Apr, 2004

Here's how to print Autotrax PC board designs from within Windows. There's also a step-by-step procedure for etching your own boards.

PC or PICAXE interface for UHF remote control

25 Apr, 2004

Simple circuit lets you control the Oatley Electronics 4-Channel UHF Transmitter using a PC or PICAXE

Review: Adilam RFID evaluation kit

27 Apr, 2004

Radio frequency identificationis fast becomimg the standard for many tracking and identification tasks. Here's a low cost way to get started.

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