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Fluid Lenses: bringing things into focus

1 May, 2004

Unique variable-focus optical lens system has no moving parts and could revolutionise digital cameras and security systems.

Poor Man's Metal Locator

4 May, 2004

It uses just five circuit components, is easy to build and works on the "beat balance" priciple for good sensitivity.

Publisher's Letter

7 May, 2004

High-priced power cords another fraudulent product

Robocup- Robots Play Soccer

11 May, 2004

Robots playing soccer? You'd better believe it and there is more than one league to play in.

Circuit Notebook

14 May, 2004

Interesting circuit ideas which we have checked but not built and tested. Contributions from readers are welcome and will be paid for at standard rates.


17 May, 2004

Amplifier Testing without high-cost gear

19 May, 2004

You don't need expensive gear to check out the performance of your hifi amplifier. Here's how to do it for peanuts.

Fly Rabbit Fly- Right Up To The Sky

21 May, 2004

Yes, rabbits really can fly, especially when strapped into a rocket. But there's no fur, cotton tails or long ears involved here

Serviceman's Log

24 May, 2004

Nothing succeeds like a good whinge

Starpower - A Switching Supply For Luxeon Star LEDs

26 May, 2004

It's based on a switching regulator ic, runs of 12V and is just the shot for powering 1-5W Luxeon Star LEDs.

Component video to RGB converter

28 May, 2004

Does your TV have RGB instead of component video inputs? This project lets you get the best possible pictures from your DVD player.

Vintage Radio

31 May, 2004

Cataloging & disposing of your collection

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