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The Amateur Scientist 2.0

1 Oct, 2004

Over 1000 classic science projects projects from "Scientific American" and they're all on a single CD

Publisher's Letter

6 Oct, 2004

Australia's future energy options

RGB to Component

8 Oct, 2004

What- no RGB inputs on your TV to match your new digital set-top box? Don't sweat this low cost unit instead.


10 Oct, 2004

Circuit Notebook

12 Oct, 2004

(1)Light-controlled Pond Pump; (2)Bike Battery Charger; (3)6-Station Sprinkler Controller; (4)4-Channel Oscilloscope Adapter

Serviceman's Log

14 Oct, 2004

Flushing out the problems

SMS Controller Pt.1

15 Oct, 2004

Control equipment from anywhere using SMS and an old Nokia mobile phone. It can even text you when your alarm is activated.

USB Power Injector

18 Oct, 2004

Don't overload you PC's USB ports and USB hub. This simple gadget goes in the USB line and will drive that power-hungry USB peripheral.

Vintage Radio

20 Oct, 2004

Those troublesome capacitors Pt. 1

Review: Stress-less Wireless

22 Oct, 2004

Add short-range wireless communications to your projects with these easy-to-use transceiver modules.

Remote Controller For Garage Doors & Gates

25 Oct, 2004

It's easy to build and has all the features you've ever wanted in a remote control, including battery back-up

Epson's latest micro-flying robot

26 Oct, 2004

Is it a bird , is it a plane?, its the worlds smallest "micro flying robot" and it flies itself.

The Humble "Trannie" Turns 50

28 Oct, 2004

You say you want a revolution? Well , the humble transistor radio has just turned 50! Here's a look at some of the early designs and how they were developed.

Ask Silicon Chip  - 4 Oct, 2004

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