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Build Yourself A Windmill Generator Part One

3 Dec, 2004

Looking At Options


6 Dec, 2004

Schoolies Amp

7 Dec, 2004

This 20W audio amplifier module sounds great and is dead easy to build!

Death By Overload

9 Dec, 2004

The effect of the introduction of FWA networks on C-band satellite reception in Australia

Solar Powered Wireless Weather Station

11 Dec, 2004

It's based on PICAXE processor and "wirelessly" transmits temperature and humidity data to a receiver up to 200 metres away.

Serviceman's Log

13 Dec, 2004

Houston, we have a problem

A Charger For Deep-Cycle 12V Batteries, Pt 2

15 Dec, 2004

Second article has the full construction and set-up details for this new high-performance charger.

Publisher's Letter

17 Dec, 2004

Human RFID tags for medical records

Circuit Notebook

19 Dec, 2004

Interesting circuit ideas which we have checked but not built and tested. Contributions from readers are welcome and will be paid for at standard rates.

Bidirectional Motor Speed Controller

22 Dec, 2004

Easy-to-build project can control the speed of 12-24 V DC motors in both forward and reverse directions.

Vintage Radio

23 Dec, 2004

The AWA B79 transistor mantel radio.

Ask Silicon Chip  - 21 Dec, 2004

Notes & Errata for Projects Published in Silicon Chip 2004  - 31 Dec, 2004

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