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Publisher's Letter

7 Jun, 2006

Mobile phone users have increased risk of brain damage


8 Jun, 2006

GM Allison's Hybrid Drive Bus

10 Jun, 2006

Innovative new diesel-hybrid electric system can dramatically improve fuel economy and reduce emissions by up to 90%

New 6-chip LED is brighter than a 20W halogen lamp

11 Jun, 2006

It's brighter than a 20W halogen lamp and has applications ranging from workplace lighting to pocket video projectors, reading lights and car interiors

Television: the elusive goal

13 Jun, 2006

It's now 50 yearssince the start of television in Australia. Here's how it came about

Electric Powered Model Aircraft Pt. 2

15 Jun, 2006

Our first article in the February 2006 issue showed the potential of the electric Piper Cub model aircraft. This month we continue our investigation by converting the Cub to a brushless motor to obtain a greatly improved result.

Vintage Radio

18 Jun, 2006

Developed during the early 1960s, the Australian-made Kriesler 41-29 "Trans-Mantel" was a 7-transistor receiver based on PNP germanium transistors. It was an excellent little set that could be used both as a mantel receiver and as a portable.

Pocket AV Generator

22 Jun, 2006

There are not many video test pattern generators on the market and the ones that are cost big dollars. This kit is a fraction of the cost of commercially available units, it's portable and it has audio outputs as well!

2.4GHz Wireless A-V Link

28 Jun, 2006

We've published a few audio/video transmitters/receivers over the years but none were as compact as this 2.4GHz model. Whether you want it for legitimate security/monitoring applications or simply for fun, it's easy to build and a lot cheaper than buying a ready-made system!

Starship Enterprise Door Sounder

28 Jun, 2006

Here's a project especially for trekkies. At the closure of remote switch contacts, it recreates that distinctive "ssshhhhhhh-thump" sound of the sliding doors opening or closing on the "Starship Enterprise". Use it for generating sound effects for your own sci-fi movies or for hooking up to a bedroom or wardrobe door so you can pretend you're aboard the "Enterprise" in deep space, going where no man has gone before!

Two-Way SPDIF/Toslink Digital Audio Converter

30 Jun, 2006

Need to convert the Toslink digital audio optical signal from your DVD player into coaxial SPDIF form, to feed the only remaining digital input on your home-theatre amplifier? Or do you want to convert from a coaxial SPDIF signal to Toslink form? This low-cost unit converts digital audio bitstreams either way.

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