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MoTeC Race Car Data Logging

10 Jul, 2006

More information than you'd believe!

Television: let the game begin

12 Jul, 2006

New and exciting, television was here - with euphoria reaching almost fever-pitch, capturing the imagination of an entertainment-starved nation.

Mini Theremin Mk.2; Pt.1

13 Jul, 2006

Just move your fingers near the antennas of this theremin to create your own electronic music or eerie science fiction sounds. It's easy to build, easy to set up and easy to play.

Low-Cost Analog On-Off Controller

14 Jul, 2006

Have you ever wanted to control a device based on an analog signal level? Perhaps you want to fill a water tank automatically or control exhaust fans based on humidity or temperature. Well now, you can - provided you have a sensor that gives an analog voltage or current output.

Studio Series Stereo Preamplifier

15 Jul, 2006

Installing The Modules In A Case

PC-Controlled Mains Switch

16 Jul, 2006

Ever wanted to control switched 240VAC outlets with your PC? You can do it with this project which controls two 240VAC outlets. You can switch virtually anything, at any time under full Windows control. It uses your computer's parallel port and virtually any old (or new) computer can do the job.

Serviceman's Log

17 Jul, 2006

Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck ...

Stop Those Zaps From Double Insulated Equipment!

18 Jul, 2006

If you have experienced mild tingles or shocks from double insulated equipment, you will want to know how to prevent them. Here's our "Tingle Terminator": a simple solution to this vexing problem. There is no need to gain access inside the equipment and it will not void the warranty.

Salvage It!

19 Jul, 2006

There's lots of good bits inside junked photocopiers

Vintage Radio

20 Jul, 2006

AWA B33: the ultimate Australian- made transistor portable

Cicuit Notebook

23 Jul, 2006

Interesting circuit ideas which we have checked but not built and tested. Contributions from readers are welcome and will be paid for at standard rates.

Publisher's Letter

25 Jul, 2006

Nuclear power debate should look at the whole picture


28 Jul, 2006

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