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Publisher's Letter

1 Oct, 2007

Cheap DVD players are just that: cheap!

Oscar: Electronic Noughts & Crosses Game

7 Oct, 2007

Noughts and crosses may rate quite poorly amongst young gamers of today but in the late 1960s, a machine, more often called an electronic brain than a computer, playing noughts and crosses against a human opponent, was quite a sensation.

Rolling Code Security System; Pt 1

9 Oct, 2007

Ideal for keyless entry for doors in cars, homes & industry, this Keyless Entry System features a rolling code to ensure high security. It also has two door-strike outputs, an alarm system & provision to use up to 16 separate keyfob transmitters with the same receiver.

PICProbe: A versatile Logic Probe

10 Oct, 2007

A versatile PIC-based logic probe that fits inside a Biro case!

Serviceman's Log

15 Oct, 2007

Ever tried to fix a rear projection TV set in a carpark? That's precisely the silly situation I got myself into recently, all driven by a terrible need to earn money.

Vintage Radio

18 Oct, 2007

During the 1930s, radio broadcasts served as an important propaganda tool. It was also the era of The Great Depression, so not many people could afford high-priced radios. Nazi Germany's answer was a series of simple, low-cost "austerity" models.

DVD Players: How Good Are They For HiFi Audio?

20 Oct, 2007

CD players are now relatively expensive so are there any compromises in using a cheap DVD player instead? We collected a bunch of players and put them through their paces to find out.

AM Loop Antenna & Amplifier

22 Oct, 2007

Circuit Notebook

24 Oct, 2007

Simple Data-Logging Weather Station; Pt.2

27 Oct, 2007

Last month we introduced our new Rain and Temperature-Measuring Weather Station, with all the electronics. This month we get into the nitty-gritty of building it - all the mechanical detail and then actual contstruction.


29 Oct, 2007

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