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Circuit Notebook

1 Apr, 2008

Interesting circuit ideas which we have checked but not built and tested. Contributions from readers are welcome and will be paid for at standard rates.

Beyond The Capacitor There Is The Ultracapacitor

1 Apr, 2008

And you always thought that the Farad was a ridiculously large unit... Start thinking in KILOFarads!

12V-24V High-Current Motor Speed Controller

1 Apr, 2008

Last month, we described the circuit and software features of our new High-Current DC Motor Speed Controller. This month, we show you how to build and test it.

Serviceman's Log

1 Apr, 2008

Do you ever get the feeling that things are just getting too complicated? That's certainly the case with TV sets, particularly when it comes to servicing.

Vintage Radio

1 Apr, 2008

Shortwave converters were popular for a brief period in the 1930s and 1950s. In an era when money was tight, they provided a low-cost means of converting a standard broadcast-band receiver to shortwave reception.

How To Get Into Digital TV, Pt.2

1 Apr, 2008

Last month, we introduced the topic of Digital TV and strongly advocated the purchase of a High-Definition Set-Top Box or Personal Video Recorder. In this second part, we discuss the antenna installation and what you need to do to ensure the most reliable and interference-free reception.

Charge controller for 12V lead-acid or SLA batteries

1 Apr, 2008

Upgrade your standard 12V lead-acid battery charger or solar cell booster to a complete 2 or 3-step charger using this Charge Controller. It includes temperature compensation and LED indication. All parameters are adjustable for charging lead-acid or Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries.

Two-Way Stereo Headphone Adaptor

1 Apr, 2008

Do you have a stereo amplifier without a headphone socket but want to listen to your music via headphones? If so, this versatile Stereo Headphone Adaptor will do the job. It connects between your amplifier and loudspeakers, has several operating modes and features two output sockets with individual volume controls.

Publisher's Letter

1 Apr, 2008

Your future electric car may use ultracapacitors

A Safe Flash Trigger For Your Digital SLR Camera

1 Apr, 2008

Many of today's digital SLR cameras risk serious damage if used with an external electronic flash, whether that is a portable type or a large studio "strobe". We found this was the case here at SILICON CHIP so we have produced a flash trigger to ensure the camera's safety. You can do likewise - but beware of the JISP!


1 Apr, 2008

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