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The Basslink High-Voltage DC Power Link

1 Sep, 2008

Back in February 2000 a tender was granted for building a high voltage DC power link between Victoria and Tasmania. It was finally commissioned in April 2006 and now feeds power in both directions between Victoria and Tasmania, depending on demand in those states.


1 Sep, 2008

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Publisher's Letter

2 Sep, 2008

Railpower Model Train Controller

3 Sep, 2008

This ultra-high performance model train controller features infrared remote control. We believe it's the best build-it-yourself train controller ever published!

Versatile LED/Lamp Flasher

5 Sep, 2008

The LM3909 was a legendary IC, which the designers (National Semiconductor) modestly described as a "LED Flasher/Oscillator". Its popularity was surely due both to its great simplicity and versatility. It could flash a LED off a wide range of voltages, at a wide range of frequencies. It could also flash LEDs in parallel, could produce a tone in a loudspeaker, trigger a Triac or pulse an incandescent bulb - among other things. Sadly, though, the LM3909 has been discontinued and is now very difficult to find.

Serviceman's Log

8 Sep, 2008

There's an old saying that "one man's trash is another man's treasure". Personally, I think it's all treasure so you can imagine my overwhelming joy when a friend recently found an old valve car radio for me to fix!

Ultra LD Mk.2 200W Power Amplifier Module Pt.2

9 Sep, 2008

Last month, we introduced our new Ultra-LD Mk.2 200W Amplifier module and described the circuit. This month, we give the assembly details and describe a suitable power supply.

DSP Musicolour Pt.4

10 Sep, 2008

With a small and low-cost add-on PC board, the DSP Musicolour can be operated via an infrared remote control - very handy if you want to use it in hard-to-reach places.

Led Strobe and Tacho Pt.2

11 Sep, 2008

Last month, we published the circuit of our new LED Strobe & Tachometer and showed how to build the main unit and the strobe light. This month, we describe the assembly of the optional Photo-Interruptor and IR Reflector Amplifier boards. We also describe how the unit is used.

Review: Metrel Instaltest 3017

16 Sep, 2008

Did you know that it's now mandatory for electricians to provide a written safety test report when they install new wiring or do repairs to your home, office or factory? That is quite an onerous and time-consuming task but the Metrel Instaltest 3017 does all the tests specified in the AS/NZS3017 standard. As well, it provides a step-by-step guide for electricians when they are doing visual checks as well as the electrical tests.

Vintage Radio

17 Sep, 2008

Manufactured by Raycophone around 1933, the Pee-Wee Midget is an early superhet receiver with a regenerative IF stage. It's an interesting set but is does have a few design problems that limit its performance.

Ask Silicon Chip  - 4 Sep, 2008

Circuit Notebook  - 18 Sep, 2008

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