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5 Oct, 2008

CleverScope CS328A USB Dual-Channel 100MHz Scope

7 Oct, 2008

Hooked up to a desktop or laptop computer, this USB oscilloscope and its supplied PC software provide a large range of functions, including data logging. With the optional signal generator you can also test audio equipment, measure THD and do frequency sweeps.

Railpower Model Train Controller, Pt.2

9 Oct, 2008

Last month we presented the circuit, specifications and parts list for our new high-performance Railpower IV model train controller. Now it's time for the construction details - and we show you how to set it up for best performance.

Serviceman's Log

11 Oct, 2008

While sales of large-screen plasma and LCD TV sets are booming, people are still confused as to the choice: plasma or LCD? This situation has recently become a little clouded as "Mura" faults become evident on some LCD panels. The real kicker is that Mura faults may not be evident when you buy your set.

Picaxe-08M 433MHz Data Transceiver

15 Oct, 2008

Telemetry (from the Greek tele = remote and metron = measure) refers to the remote measurement and reporting of information, typically using wireless links to carry the data. Such technology is well established in climatic monitoring (especially temperature), water management, motor sport, security, medicine, defence and even space - Martian probe style.

Digital RF Level & Power Meter

17 Oct, 2008

Need to measure small signals at radio frequencies? Here is a low-cost digital level and power meter which will allow you to measure RF signals from below 50kHz to above 500MHz. As well as indicating the signal level in volts and dBV, it also shows the corresponding power level (into 50 ohms) in both milliwatts and dBm.

Vintage Radio

21 Oct, 2008

First released in 1954, the AWA Radiola 653P was a 6-valve portable receiver that could operate from both batteries and mains power. It's a good performer that's easy to restore and get going.

Versatile Special Function Timer

23 Oct, 2008

This automatic timer has a wide range of applications whereby a timing cycle is initiated in response to a trigger signal. There are quite a few uses for it in a car or you could use it on a model railway layout, in a home security system or whatever.

Publisher's Letter

25 Oct, 2008

Exposing PC Boards In A Modified Microwave Oven

25 Oct, 2008

I decided to build the UV exposure box for photo-sensitive PC boards, as published in the November 2007 SILICON CHIP. The first thought I had was to use the timer module in an old microwave oven, instead of building the timer design used in the project. Then I thought: "Why not use the whole oven?"

USB Clock With LCD Readout, Pt.1

27 Oct, 2008

This LCD USB Clock connects to your PC's USB port. It synchronises its time with your PC - and ultimately an internet time server - when your PC is on to maintain accurate time-keeping. It can also operate on its own using battery back-up and has user-selectable display modes.

Cent-a-meter Owl: Watching Your Power Consumption

29 Oct, 2008

Ask Silicon Chip  - 11 Oct, 2008

Circuit Notebook  - 19 Oct, 2008

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