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Publisher's Letter

3 Nov, 2008


5 Nov, 2008

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Serviceman's Log

7 Nov, 2008

Jim Hacker in the British TV comedy series "Yes Minister" faced many moral dilemmas in his never-ending battle with the wily Sir Humphrey Appleby. I recently faced a moral dilemma of my own when I wrongly diagnosed a fault in a customer's LCD TV.

Vintage Radio

11 Nov, 2008

Ever wondered about those mysterious antenna coils used in vintage radio receivers, or about those old-style loop antennas? This article unravels some of the mysteries.

Playing With The AirNav RadarBox

13 Nov, 2008

Ever wanted to be an air traffic controller? This will let you experience it all - from the comfort of your PC!

12V Speed Controller/Lamp Dimmer

15 Nov, 2008

This handy circuit can be used as a speed controller for a 12V motor rated up to 5A (continuous) or as a dimmer for a 12V halogen or standard incandescent lamp rated up to 50W. It varies the power to the load (motor or lamp) using pulse width modulation (PWM) at a pulse frequency of around 220Hz.

Robot-Operated Clarinet

17 Nov, 2008

Wideband Air-Fuel Mixture Display Unit

19 Nov, 2008

This Wideband Oxygen Sensor Display can show your car's air-fuel ratio as you drive. It's designed to monitor a wideband oxygen sensor and its associated wideband controller but could be used to monitor a narrowband oxygen sensor instead. Alternatively, it can be used for monitoring other types of engine sensors.

How Oxygen Sensors Work

21 Nov, 2008

The oxygen sensor is an important component in your car?s engine management system. It monitors the oxygen content in the car?s exhaust, to indicate whether the mixture is too lean or too rich. Here?s a quick rundown on how the two basic types work.

Review: Jaycar's Sun-In-A-Box Solar Lighting Kit

23 Nov, 2008

Going bush? Living on a desert island/houseboat/mountain top? Sick of energy bills? Daily supply charges driving you crazy? Want to run extra wiring for decent shed lights but find that's illegal? Even considering DIY by running a backyard generator instead? Read on - "CIGnificant" solar help may be at hand!

USB Clock With LCD Readout, Pt.2

25 Nov, 2008

Last month, we detailed the circuit of the USB Clock and showed you how to build it. This month, we detail the software installation and describe how it is used. We also describe how to synchronise your PC to an internet time server and how to synchronise the USB Clock to the PC each time the PC boots up.

50 Years Of The Integrated Circuit

27 Nov, 2008

It?s hard to imagine a world without the integrated circuit, just as it is hard to imagine a manufactured product without one! But the IC has only been with us for half a century, being first demonstrated on September 12, 1958.

IrDA Interface Board For The DSP Musicolour

29 Nov, 2008

Most PCs and laptops now offer an IrDA interface to enable communication without any physical connection. Now you can have the same facility for the DSP Musicolour - or for virtually any other microcontroller project.

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