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Publishers Letter

1 Apr, 2009

Digital Radio is Coming, Part 3

2 Apr, 2009

Last month, we discussed the details of the Advanced Audio Coding (AAC+) used in Digital Radio. This month we discuss how the AAC+ data is transmitted and received. The transmissions combine data with program content and the entire transmission is a multiplexed combination of the many programs.

Servicemans Log

4 Apr, 2009

Despite the big "R" or even "D" word we hear on the media every night, new plasma and LCD sets still seem to be getting cheaper. Most of this is caused by the never-ending supply of better, newer or more technology for the dollar. Unfortunately this problem is spiralling down to my level because the question is always, is it worth fixing?

Multi-Function Remote-Controlled Lamp Dimmer

4 Apr, 2009

You probably think that a dimmer is a dimmer is a dimmer, right? This little beauty will definitely change your mind!

Wireless Networking With Ubuntu & Puppy Linux

6 Apr, 2009

Connecting Puppy Linux to the Internet via a network cable is a piece of cake. Wireless networking can be slightly more difficult but is still easy to do. Here's how.

School Zone Speed Alert

8 Apr, 2009

Have you been booked for driving through a school zone at well above the 40km/h limit? It's easy to do and can be a very expensive mistake. Here's a project to help you stay out of trouble. It keeps track of the time and flashes a warning LED during the morning or afternoon 40km/h time periods.

Review: Tektronix MSO2024 Mixed Signal Oscillope

12 Apr, 2009

The Tektronix MS2024 is a compact mixed-signal oscilloscope that is suitable for a wide range of applications or educational use. It has four analog and 16 digital inputs, a sampling rate of 1Gs/s and an operating bandwidth up to 200MHz. It is very easy to use and does not take up a lot of valuable bench space.

USB Printer Share Switch

14 Apr, 2009

This simple device allows two computers to share a single USB printer or some other USB device, such as an external flash drive, memory card reader or scanner. A rotary switch selects the PC that you wish to use with the USB device, while two LEDs indicate the selected PC.

Half-Duplex With HopeRF's HM-TR UHF Transceivers

16 Apr, 2009

Our introductory second-generation UHF data transceiver article in October 2008 showed that using a PICAXE to drive HopeRF's HM-TR 433MHz programmable data transceivers works well. In subsequent months, these well-priced units have become very popular!

Build A Microcurrent DMM Adaptor

18 Apr, 2009

You might not be aware of it but your digital multimeter is unable to make accurate current measurements in low-voltage circuits because of its "burden voltage". This precision current adaptor solves that problem and greatly improves the measurement accuracy, as well.

Vintage Radio

20 Apr, 2009

Manufactured in the mid-1930s, the Airzone 520/550 is an early 5-valve superhet that was capable of good performance. It was housed in a distinctive bakelite cabinet and is usually easy to restore to working order.

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