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World Solar Challenge - Sunswift Did Us Proud

1 Dec, 2009

When the Tokai Challenger, overall winner of the 2009 Global Green Challenge (aka World Solar Challenge) finished nearly a full day ahead of the field, Australia's Sunswift IVy was back in fourth place... and the team from the University of NSW couldn?t have been happier!

Publishers Letter

1 Dec, 2009

WIB: Web Server In A Box, Part 2

3 Dec, 2009

Last month, we introduced our new Web Server In A Box (WIB) and gave the full construction details. This month, we show you how to connect it to your modem/router and guide you step-by-step through the set-up details. We also show you how to activate a dynamic DNS service, so that you can access the WIB via the Internet.

One-Of-Nine Switch Position Indicator

7 Dec, 2009

Originally conceived as a track-in-use indicator for model railway layouts, this one-of-nine indicator can used with any selector switch with up to nine positions. It can be used with a bank of reed switches, as might be used on a locomotive turntable or traverser on a model railway layout or with any switch with up to nine positions. Then we realised it had many other uses . . .


8 Dec, 2009

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Voltage Interceptor For Cars With ECUs

9 Dec, 2009

At one time, the sensors in cars with engine management were regarded as untouchable. But now you can change the signal response of many of the sensors to improve your car's driveability, throttle response, handling and so on. This voltage interceptor allows you modify and program the response of any voltage sensor in your car, without prejudicing reliability or affecting the ECU in any way. Use it for restoring correct air/fuel ratios after engine modifications, preventing turbo boost cuts or altering sensor signals for improved driveability.

Review: Hakko's FX-888 SMD-Safe Soldering Station

11 Dec, 2009

For anyone involved in assembly line or service soldering, the Hakko brand needs no introduction. Their latest offering, the Hakko FX-888 Soldering Station features a number of upgrades and improvements over previous models and should find a ready market in the assembly industry, service personnel and technicians and advanced hobbyist users.

Ginormous 7-Segment LED Panel Meter Display

15 Dec, 2009

Have you ever had the need for a digital display that can be read from across the room? How about across the factory? How about fifty or even a hundred metres away?

Capacitor Leakage Meter With LCD Readout

18 Dec, 2009

This instrument can perform a leakage current test on almost any type of capacitor in current use, including ceramic, mica, monolithic, metallised polyester or paper, polystyrene, solid tantalum and aluminium electrolytics. There are seven different standard test voltages from 10V to 100V, so most capacitors can be checked at or close to their rated voltage. Leakage currents can also be measured, from almost 10mA down to less than 100nA.

Vintage Radio

19 Dec, 2009

Mainly because of their size, radiograms and radiogram/TV combination units are usually ignored by vintage radio enthusiasts. However, a lot of equipment was produced and at least one collector, Peter Henstridge of Adelaide, SA, has restored some items to as new condition.

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