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Publishers Letter

2 Jan, 2010


3 Jan, 2010

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The Automatic Identification System (AIS) In The Pilbara

4 Jan, 2010

Regular SILICON CHIP readers will recall Stan Swan's AIS article in August 2009. It's not stretching the truth to say it has stirred an enormous amount of interest. But we bemoaned the fact that there appeared to be very little coverage in Australia's north west.

A Multi-Function GPS Car Computer, Part 1

8 Jan, 2010

This project was inspired by requests from a number of readers. Essentially they said that the GPS module was great for obtaining a precise time . . . but could we produce a project that used its full capabilities for use in a vehicle?

Servicemans Log

11 Jan, 2010

Can a standard 4-pin 12V relay be all that difficult to diagnose? Well, not really but you can really be caught out if you assume that all relays conform to the same standard, particularly in the automotive trade.

The Bureau Of Meteorology's New Doppler Weather Radar

13 Jan, 2010

I first noticed this giant "golf ball" last year, sitting high on its "tee", right next to the Terrey Hills golf driving range in Sydney's north. "Surely," I thought, "that's not just an advert for the driving range . . ." No it's not (although I bet they are very grateful!) ? it's much more interesting than that ? it's the latest in the Bureau of Meteorology weather radar upgrades! And the best part: you can view its images via the 'net.

A Balanced Output Board For The Stereo DAC

17 Jan, 2010

This add-on board is designed to provide a pair of balanced audio outputs for the High-Quality Stereo DAC (Sept-Nov 2009). Two 3-pin male XLR connectors are used for the new outputs and they can either replace or augment the existing unbalanced outputs without affecting their performance.

Vintage Radio

19 Jan, 2010

Radiograms first came into being in the late 1920s and were produced in various formats up into the 1960s. During that time, they evolved from very basic units with a record playing mechanism on the top of the cabinet to units that had changers alongside the radio section. Some of the very latest units also included a TV set and/or a tape recorder and some even had a cocktail cabinet.

WIB: Web Server In A Box, Part 3

23 Jan, 2010

In Pt.2 last month, we showed you how to connect the WIB to a network and gave the step-by-step setting-up details. Most constructors will settle for the website provided but for those with special needs, this third article is for advanced users who want to customise the WIB to their requirements.

Precision Temperature Logger & Controller, Part 1

24 Jan, 2010

This Temperature Logger & Controller is based on the Dick Smith Electronics Q1437 digital thermometer. It records & displays two temperature channels once a second on a PC over a period of up to 12 hours. With appropriate thermocouples, temperatures from -200?C to +1300?C can be recorded, with the display range, resolution, and temperature program adjustable in real time while the data is being logged.

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