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Publishers Letter

1 Mar, 2010

A Look At The MacBook 2010

2 Mar, 2010

Computer companies release their latest models with much fanfare and we all go 'ho-hum', as the look and feel of a new computer soon vapourises when we discover bugs, plus a host of software and drivers won't work without expensive upgrades. This time Apple should have bought out the brass band and fireworks!

A Solar-Powered Intruder Alarm For Sheds & Boats

6 Mar, 2010

Most blokes have got a shed - or wish they had! While many people have alarms for their home and cars, a lot of valuable stuff is unprotected in garages and sheds. It needs protecting and now you can do it with this simple alarm based on a PIR sensor. It's solar-powered so no mains supply is needed. And let's not forget boats on moorings - they need protecting too.

Digital Audio Signal Generator, Part 1

8 Mar, 2010

This Digital Audio Signal Generator has TOSLINK and coax (S/PDIF) digital outputs, as well as two analog audio outputs. If a digital output is used, the harmonic distortion from a high quality DAC is extremely low. Alternatively, if you use the analog outputs the harmonic distortion of the sinewave signal is typically still very low at less than .06%.

A Low-Capacitance Adaptor for DMMs

12 Mar, 2010

This neat little adaptor allows a standard digital multimeter to measure low values of capacitance - from less than one picofarad to over 10nF. It will allow you to measure tiny capacitors or stray capacitances in switches, connectors and wiring.

Circuit Notebook

14 Mar, 2010

Interesting circuit ideas which we have checked but not built and tested. Contributions from readers are welcome and will be paid for at standard rates.

Review: The UNIQUE UQ2062C Digital Storage Scope

16 Mar, 2010

The UNIQUE UQ2062C is a highly affordable and portable entry-level 60MHz, 500MS/s digital storage oscilloscope with a colour screen and two channels.

A Very Accurate Thermometer/Thermostat

19 Mar, 2010

Based on the very accurate Dallas DS18B20 digital temperature sensor, this thermometer/thermostat provides accurate readings to one decimal point. The LCD shows current, minimum and maximum temperature readings. An internal buzzer will sound when temperature limits are exceeded. It is intended for controlling air conditioners, heaters, cool rooms, wine cellars, etc. The software is user-customisable.

Vintage Radio

21 Mar, 2010

By the early 1930s, some manufacturers were producing quite good superhet radio receivers for the domestic market. The Airzone 503 was designed for the low-cost end of the market but still came in an attractive wooden cabinet and offered good performance.


23 Mar, 2010

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