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Publisher's Letter

1 Apr, 2011

Fixing Transformer Buzz In The Class-A Amplifier

2 Apr, 2011

Since the 20W Stereo Class-A amplifier was published in 2007, it has been widely acclaimed for its sound quality. But there has been a consistent niggle experienced by quite a few constructors ? low level buzz from the power transformer. We recently took a look at this problem and have come up with a cure.

Serviceman's Log

4 Apr, 2011

Thanks for the dodgy memory - not

The Rise & Fall Of Electronics Today International

8 Apr, 2011

40 years ago this month, a brash new electronics magazine burst onto the scene in Australia: Electronics Today - later called Electronics Today International or simply ETI. It really caused a stir and provided stiff competition to the long-established "bible", Electronics Australia. Here is the story of how it began, as told by ETI's founding editor, Collyn Rivers.

Ask Silicon Chip

10 Apr, 2011

Got a technical problem? Can't understand a piece of jargon or some technical principle? Drop us a line and we'll answer your question. Write to: Ask Silicon Chip, PO Box 139, Collaroy Beach, NSW 2097 or send an email to

Review: Agilent's InfiniiVision 4-Channel Oscilloscopes

12 Apr, 2011

The new Agilent InfiniiVision DSO/MSO 2000X and 3000X series oscilloscopes will certainly stir up the scope market. They combine high performance and a wide screen format with ease of use ? something that is not always a feature of today's digital scopes.

Circuit Notebook

14 Apr, 2011

Interesting circuit ideas which we have checked but not built and tested. Contributions from readers are welcome and will be paid for at standard rates.

Portable Headphone Amplifier For MP3 Players

16 Apr, 2011

Cheap'n'Simple 100V Speaker/Line Checker

18 Apr, 2011

This Speaker/Line Checker will be a boon to anyone setting up 100V PA systems, especially for temporary installations at sporting events, when you need to do everything quickly before the event and be sure that it is all working. With this tester, you can immediately check each PA speaker and line as it is run.

A Speed Controller For Film Projectors

20 Apr, 2011

Do you have old family movies on film? Have you watched them lately? You may be shocked by how much they have deteriorated over the years. They need to be transferred to DVD before the film deteriorates to the point where it is unwatchable. Video conversion is not as straightforward as you might think but this simple project enables you to do it.


22 Apr, 2011

Letters and emails should contain complete name, address and daytime phone number. Letters to the Editor are submitted on the condition that Silicon Chip Publications Pty Ltd may edit and has the right to reproduce in electronic form and communicate these letters. This also applies to submissions to "Ask SILICON CHIP" and "Circuit Notebook".

The Maximite Computer, Pt.2

27 Apr, 2011

Vintage Radio

29 Apr, 2011

Manufactured just before World War 2, the STC 504 is a 5-valve table receiver housed in a very attractive timber cabinet. It's an interesting circuit that performs well, especially after a few minor tweaks to its AGC system.

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