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Publisher's Letter

1 Apr, 2012

1.5kW Induction Motor Speed Controller, Pt.1

3 Apr, 2012

You've asked for it many times and we have always said NO! It's too complex, too difficult, too expensive, whatever. Now we're saying YES. This Induction Motor Speed Controller is suitable for motors up to 1.5kW (2HP) and can be used to control speed over a wide range. It will save big dollars with swimming pool pumps and will be great for running machinery at different speeds. Even better, it will control 3-phase motors as well!

Serviceman's Log

5 Apr, 2012

The Christchurch earthquakes damaged a lot of electronic equipment, including large-screen TVs. Mine was knocked flying off its stand on several occasions but it kept working until finally there was one quake too many.

Why Is The 50Hz AC Mains Waveform Distorted?

7 Apr, 2012

Review: MiktroElektronika EasyPIC v7 Development Board

11 Apr, 2012

This PIC development board provides an easy way to program and debug 8-bit PIC micros. It can be used with C, Pascal and BASIC programming languages. The EasyPIC has pushbuttons, LEDs, USB ports and various other devices on-board while a variety of add-on modules such as LCDs, memory cards and network interfaces can plugged in for easy prototyping.

SoftStarter: Taming The Surge Current Menace!

13 Apr, 2012

Are you alarmed by the juicy "splattt" from your mains power point when you plug in something like a large plasma TV set? Do you some-times burn out light and power point switches because of the surge currents at switch-on? Or perhaps you occasionally trip circuit breakers because of appliance switch-on surge currents. This is a very common problem but there is a simple cure: our SoftStarter. It tames those nasty surge currents while having no effect on appliance performance.

Vintage Radio

15 Apr, 2012

Philips 196A 4-Valve AC/Battery Portable Receiver

Q & A On The Maximite Microcomputer

17 Apr, 2012

Thousands of Maximites have now been built and have worked perfectly the first time. The design of the Maximite has proved to be remarkably robust, so if you have a problem with one you have just built, it most probably will be something specific to your Maximite and not a fatal design fault or software issue. However, there are some common problems that constructors do experience so we asked the designer, Geoff Graham to come up with the six most common....


19 Apr, 2012

Letters and emails should contain complete name, address and daytime phone number. Letters to the Editor are submitted on the condition that Silicon Chip Publications Pty Ltd may edit and has the right to reproduce in electronic form and communicate these letters. This also applies to submissions to "Ask SILICON CHIP" and "Circuit Notebook".

A 6-Decade Resistance Substitution Box

21 Apr, 2012

Get a million resistance values with this . . .

Ultra-LD Mk.3 135W/Channel Stereo Amplifier, Pt.2

25 Apr, 2012

Completing the wiring & making adjustments

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