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Converting The F&P SmartDrive for Use As A... Motor

03 February 2012

Recycled smart drive washing machine motors have been used in countless projects. They can be found in wind turbines, water turbines, and every other type of generator imaginable. This article takes a radical new direction and uses a Fisher & Paykel SmartDrive as... a motor.

Playing USB-Stick & SD/MMC Card Music Without A PC

09 January 2012

Do you ever wish you could simply play music tracks that you've saved on a USB stick or memory card? We had a particular reason for developing this project but it could easily be incorporated into your home hifi system for real convenience!

Steadicam: Taking The Bumps Out Of Movies, Pt. 2

30 December 2011

Seemingly unable to stop inventing more technology, Garrett Brown developed Steadicam® into more and more models. He then came up with radical ways of moving a camera above and across a sports field, down into a pool as a diver descends and tracking with swimmers as they move from one end of the pool to the other.

The Square Kilometre Array

28 December 2011

Thousands of antennas... one radio telescope

How To Do Your Own Loudspeaker Measurements

23 December 2011

It's cheap, easy, reliable and accurate...

The AlternatIVe Maximite World

15 December 2011

The Maximite world is growing. As we mentioned last month in our miniMaximite story, the Maximite has been cloned a number of times, so now there is a range of alternatives for you to choose from. To help you in this choice we gathered a number of these to test along with some expansion boards that might help you connect the Maximite to the rest of the world.

Tektronix MDO4104-3 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope

17 November 2011

A digital scope with a spectrum analyser!

Steadicam: Taking The Bumps Out Of Movies, Pt. 1

05 November 2011

For more than 30 years Steadicam®, a system to stabilise the camera in film and video production has been a mainstay of the industry. But Garrett Brown, inventor of the device has not stood still. So, today there is Steadicam, son of Steadicam, son of son of Steadicam...

Power Your Pedal Pushie (or Building an eBike)

03 November 2011

Riding a pushbike is great exercise - until you come to hills! Unless your name is Evans or Armstrong et al, unless you're one of the lycra brigade who keep super fit by pedaling everywhere and anywhere, even if your pushie has 150 gears and weighs about a hundred grams, you often wish that you could have just that little bit of assistance when the going gets tough!

Review: CadSoft EAGLE PCB Layout Software

13 October 2011

If you are new to PCB design or you are an old fogey stuck in a time warp with DOS and Protel Autotrax or Easytrax, now is your chance. Now you can get CadSoft EAGLE which works under the Windows, Linux or Mac operating systems. You can even get a limited version (EAGLE Light) which is available for non-profit use at no charge. You can then give DOS the flick.

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