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Could There Be A SIM-LEI Electric Car In Your Future?

09 July 2011

The evolution of electric cars: Could There Be A SIM-LEI Electric Car In Your Future?

Australia Hears... And So Do I

07 July 2011

Not too long ago we heard of an Australian company offering high performance digital hearing aids, based on new technology developed in Australia, at a fraction of the cost of other aids. I was intrigued - it's been a subject close to my heart ears for decades! Were they any good? Were they value for money? Did they work? And what is this latest technology in hearing aids, anyway? SILICON CHIP likes to look at electronics that are slightly out of the ordinary!

HiFi Review: Marantz CD6003 CD Player

17 June 2011

Marantz is one of the few mainstream hifi manufacturers still making dedicated CD players. In fact, they make quite a few, ranging in price from affordable to very expensive. We take a look at a machine which is somewhere in-between, offering pitch control and a USB input so MP3 and other files can be played.

Rescuing Electronic Gear After The Flood

09 June 2011

Not long ago, Queensland endured some of the worst flooding on record. During this time I was offered the opportunity to recover some radio receivers that would otherwise have ended up as landfill.

The FutureWave Energy Saver

03 June 2011

During the past few years, SILICON CHIP has exposed some decidedly "shonky" power-saving devices. So it gives us great pleasure in "exposing" another power-saving device . . . one that actually lives up to its claims. The FutureWave Energy Saver WILL save energy and therefore money. And we have the test figures to prove it.

USB Data Logger Firmware Improvements

20 May 2011

Memory Card Compatibility Issues

14 May 2011

An increasing number of SILICON CHIP projects use memory cards for storing data, loading software and the like. Originally intended for digital cameras, mobile phones etc, these cards are small, now quite inexpensive and can store an enormous amount of data (8 and 16GB cards are now common). But as some readers have discovered, there can sometimes be issues . . .

Jaycar Is 30 Years Old

08 May 2011

While Jaycar is now the dominant electronic parts retailer in Australia it had very small beginnings, 30 years ago. Since then it has grown from a single run-down store in a virtual dungeon in a Sydney lane to an operation with 72 stores (and climbing) and employing over 1100 people in Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere. Leo Simpson recently sat down with the owner, Gary Johnston, to chew the fat and review some of the high points.

Selling Surplus Tech Stuff On eBay

02 May 2011

Have you got a horde of old junk, er, good stuff, that is now taking up too much space in your home? Here's the good oil on how to get rid of it at the best price, by selling it on eBay.

Review: Agilent's InfiniiVision 4-Channel Oscilloscopes

12 April 2011

The new Agilent InfiniiVision DSO/MSO 2000X and 3000X series oscilloscopes will certainly stir up the scope market. They combine high performance and a wide screen format with ease of use ? something that is not always a feature of today's digital scopes.

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