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Recycle Your Cordless Drill - Make It Corded

08 December 2010

Handyman cordless drills are very cheap - most readers probably have at least one or two in their tool collection. But their big weakness is the battery pack and associated charger. What do you do when the battery pack dies? Just convert the drill to corded operation. It's a simple conversion and ideal for working close to 12V power.

Soldering SMDs: It's Becoming Unavoidable

02 December 2010

Review: Altium Designer & the Nanoboard 3000

10 November 2010

Altium Designer is software for designing PC boards, circuit diagrams, Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) projects and embedded software. It can work with the NanoBoard 3000 hardware platform and its supplied software libraries let you quickly develop, test and debug a device without the need for any hardware design or manufacturing.

Broadband Radar: A Quantum Leap Forward

02 November 2010

Mariners have always needed to know the quickest and safest route between where they are and where they want to be - and what obstacles might be encountered on the way.

Designing & Installing A Hearing Loop For The Deaf, Pt.2

20 October 2010

Last month we introduced the subject of hearing aid inductive loops and explained how they were designed. We also mentioned that most amplifiers could be used to drive hearing loops, albeit with a bit of tweaking in most cases. Now we move on to some of the commercial equipment designed specifically for driving hearing loops.

Jamboree On The Air . . . And Now The Internet

08 October 2010

On October 16 and 17, up to half a million Scouts and Girl Guides from around the world will join together by radio and the internet in what has become known as JOTA - the Jamboree on the Air - and now JOTI, the Jamboree on the Internet.

Eye-Fi: Wireless Digital Photography

02 October 2010

Digital cameras and memory cards are fantastic - no more worrying about the cost of film, the cost of developing and printing . . . you can shoot to your heart's content. But then you have to "upload" all those photos to your computer. What if you didn't even have to do that - they just appeared on your PC all by themselves?

Charlieplexing: What It Is & How It Works

21 September 2010

"Charlieplexing" is a multiplexing technique for driving displays and is particularly suited for use with microcontrollers. It reduces the number of outputs required to drive a given display but implementing it can be a little tricky. Here is an in-depth explanation of how it works.

Designing & Installing A Hearing Loop For The Deaf, Pt.1

15 September 2010

Many people have hearing impairment. Whether they are watching TV, listening to radio or music, attending a concert, meeting or religious service, they have difficulty hearing, or understanding, what is going on - and that may be in spite of using a hearing aid. Hearing loops, which inductively couple an audio signal to a hearing aid, are an increasingly common method of helping ease that difficulty.

LED Replacements For Fluorescent Lamps

09 September 2010

36W fluorescent tubes are the main source of light in supermarkets & retail stores, offices and many factories. There are hundreds of millions of them in use around Australia and many billions in use around the world. But while they are the most efficient light source in offices and the home, they are now being challenged by LED tubes which can directly replace them.

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