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Review: Fusion 600 Marine A/V Series

03 September 2010

Boaties like to have access to radio, music and on larger vessels, video. Whether they are cranking the music up on the long run to fish the continental shelf, relaxing at anchor or keeping track of weather reports, they want performance and state-of-the-art gear.

Review: Hameg HMF2550Arbitrary Function Generator

19 August 2010

This signal generator can deliver a 14-bit arbitrary waveform at 250 megasamples per second, a sine or square wave up to 50MHz or a triangle wave up to 10MHz. It can modulate the amplitude, frequency or phase by another generated or external waveform. It also does Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) and more.

Quad HiFi Gear: How It Stacks Up 30 Years On

13 August 2010

Thirty years ago, any hifi enthusiast worthy of the name would have hocked his soul for a Quad hifi system with electrostatic loudspeakers. But how does the Quad gear of that era stack up against modern hifi gear?

Solar Power When The Sun Doesn't Shine

11 August 2010

It is often said that solar power plants can't 'do baseload' - that they only provide power when the sun shines. Not so: Richard Keech and Matthew Wright* explain how solar thermal plants work and how the Spanish now get solar power around the clock using advances in thermal storage.

Flat Panel TV 42 Years Ago

03 August 2010

Programming PIC Controllers: How It's Done

12 July 2010

Many SILICON CHIP projects include a PIC microcontroller as the central component. But how do you program the PIC if you're not buying a kit or if you want to upgrade the firmware to a later version? Here's a step-by-step guide to doing it yourself.

3DTV: From Stadium To Living Room

08 July 2010

On Wednesday, 19th May 2010, Nine Network Australia and SBS Corporation began the first free-to-air 3D television broadcast in the world. We take a look at the technology involved in getting 3DTV live from the sports field to your home.

Breakthrough Aussie Innovation: Making 3D Movies

17 June 2010

While there has been a lot of publicity around the latest introduction of 3D movies and the accompanying 3D screens and glasses, 3D movie production is very expensive. In fact, it comes as a surprise to most people to find that the blockbuster ?Alice in Wonderland? was actually shot in conventional 2D and labouriously converted to 3D later! Now there is a new Australia camera rig, the SpeedWedge, which promises to streamline the whole process.

Review: LeCroy WaveAce 112 Digital Storage Oscilloscope

05 June 2010

This two-channel, 100MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope takes up to 500 million samples per second, has comprehensive USB connectivity and a wide range of features in a stylish, compact package

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: An Australian Perspective

03 June 2010

Most readers would be aware that UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) are used extensively for surveillance and for bombing missions in Afghanistan and Pakistan. But did you know that UAVs are being made in Australia? Not only that but they are being sold around the world for a range of applications. The manufacturer is Silvertone, a company with decades of experience and run by Bob Young.

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