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Review: Tektronix DMM4050 61/2-Digit Multimeter

14 May 2010

This bench-top multimeter features 6? digit readings, a graphic LCD and a number of advanced features such as trend plot, histogram and dual measurement mode. With front and rear panel inputs, its short term and 1-year accuracy figures are outstanding.

A Look At The TDA 7377 Quad 12V Amplifier IC

06 May 2010

The TDA7377 IC from ST Microelectronics is the main component of this month's 12V Mini Stereo Amplifier. It's not a new chip ? they've been making them since at least 1998 - but it is the first time we've used it so it deserves some elaboration. It comes in a 15-pin "Multiwatt" package similar to TO-218 and is available in both horizontal and vertical mounting packages.

Slash Your Factory/Office Lighting Bills

02 May 2010

Most offices, factories and shops waste a lot of money in power for lighting. How would you like to save up to 50% of your lighting power bill . . . and get even more light into the bargain? We show you how - and have the measurements to back it up!

Review: PICOTEST M3510A 61/2-Digit Multimeter

16 April 2010

The M3510A is a fast, accurate 6? digit bench-top multimeter with 4-wire resistance measurement, thermocouple support and a USB interface. Its maximum ratings are 1000V DC and 10A and it can take up to 50,000 readings per second.

FAQs On The Web Server In A Box (WIB)

11 April 2010

The Web Server In a Box (WIB) project has been very popular and lots of kits have been built. Here we collect a number of frequently asked questions that may help anyone experiencing difficulties in building and setting up the WIB. We also provide the answers to some common technical questions and feature requests.

3D TV Is Here At Last!

05 April 2010

The world of 3D television, photography, movies, scientific tools and prints is finally here. After primitive attempts at 3D for many, many years, top-quality three-dimensional imaging is now available for all.

Review: The UNIQUE UQ2062C Digital Storage Scope

16 March 2010

The UNIQUE UQ2062C is a highly affordable and portable entry-level 60MHz, 500MS/s digital storage oscilloscope with a colour screen and two channels.

An Innovative Early-Warning System For Bushfires

10 March 2010

You can sense the frustration in this first-hand account of the design and development of an effective, targeted and most of all affordable natural disaster warning system. Developed specifically in response to those terrible bushfires of a year ago, everyone who sees it says "fantastic!" So why is it languishing in some bureaucrat's "in" tray?

Digital TV: Where To From Here?

04 March 2010

Digital TV commenced in Australia on 1st January 2001 - yes, nine years ago, making Australia one of the first countries to start regular DTV transmissions. These transmissions now cover 60% of the population but for Australians to get full HD programming, we need MPEG-4 broadcasts. At present, we are being short-changed.

A Look At The MacBook 2010

02 March 2010

Computer companies release their latest models with much fanfare and we all go 'ho-hum', as the look and feel of a new computer soon vapourises when we discover bugs, plus a host of software and drivers won't work without expensive upgrades. This time Apple should have bought out the brass band and fireworks!

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