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Barking Dog Blaster: Shut That Annoying Mutt Up!

16 September 2012

Driven mad by a barking dog? Don't get mad, get even. This unit operates above the range of human hearing and may help shut that mutt up

Colour Maximite Microcomputer, Pt.1

06 September 2012

The original Maximite microcomputer (March-May 2011) has been a huge hit with readers and thousands are now in use all over the world, from Australia to Russia. So how do you improve on such a big hit? How about by adding eight vibrant colours and a stereo music synthesiser for a start? The result is stunning and it takes the Maximite to a whole new level.

Isolated High-Current Adaptor For Scopes & DMMs

22 August 2012

If you want to measure and monitor mains current of up to 30A using your DMM or scope, this is the safe and easy solution. It works just as well with DC and it has significantly better resolution and bandwidth than most clamp meters.

Timer For Fans And Lights

11 August 2012

This simple circuit provides a turn-off delay for a 230VAC light or a fan. It can be used to make a bathroom fan run for a set period after the switch has been turned off or it can be used with a pushbutton to turn a light on for a specific time. The timer circuit consumes no standby power when the load is off.

The Driveway Sentry Mk.2

08 August 2012

Here's an improved version of the Driveway Sentry we described in the November 2004 issue of SILICON CHIP. It detects vehicles like cars, trucks, tractors or other farm machinery moving along a driveway or through a gateway. When movement is detected, it switches on a mains-powered or battery-powered lighting system and activates an optional piezo buzzer alarm for a preset period ranging from 2-25 seconds.

6-Decade Capacitance Substitution Box

29 July 2012

When breadboarding or prototyping, sometimes you need to experiment with a capacitor value. Substituting a range of different capacitors can be a bit tedious. What you need is a capacitance decade box, which makes it easy to find the right value for your circuit.

10A DCC Booster For Model Railways

17 July 2012

Most DCC base stations have puny current capabilities which are exposed if you want to run more than a few locos and peripherals on your model railway layout. Problem is, DCC boosters are expensive, with a well-known 5A booster costing over $200. Problem no longer; build this 10A beauty at a fraction of the cost.

Wideband Oxygen Sensor Controller Mk.2, Pt.2

13 July 2012

Last month, we introduced our new Wideband Oxygen Sensor Controller Mk.2 and described the circuit. This month, we give the circuit for the display unit and the full construction details.

Soft Starter For Power Tools

05 July 2012

Stop that dangerous kick-back...

PIC/AVR Programming Adaptor Board; Pt. 2

24 June 2012

Last month, we described our new programming adaptor board which works in conjunction with an In-Circuit Serial Programmer (ICSP) to program most 8-bit & 16-bit PIC and 8-bit Atmel AVR microcontrollers. Here, we give the details of how to build it and how to use it.

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