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SoftStarter: Taming The Surge Current Menace!

13 April 2012

Are you alarmed by the juicy "splattt" from your mains power point when you plug in something like a large plasma TV set? Do you some-times burn out light and power point switches because of the surge currents at switch-on? Or perhaps you occasionally trip circuit breakers because of appliance switch-on surge currents. This is a very common problem but there is a simple cure: our SoftStarter. It tames those nasty surge currents while having no effect on appliance performance.

1.5kW Induction Motor Speed Controller, Pt.1

03 April 2012

You've asked for it many times and we have always said NO! It's too complex, too difficult, too expensive, whatever. Now we're saying YES. This Induction Motor Speed Controller is suitable for motors up to 1.5kW (2HP) and can be used to control speed over a wide range. It will save big dollars with swimming pool pumps and will be great for running machinery at different speeds. Even better, it will control 3-phase motors as well!

Ultra-LD Mk.3 135W/Channel Sterio Amplifier, Pt.1

27 March 2012

Chassis assembly and wiring details

SemTest: A Discrete Semiconductor Test Set; Pt.2

15 March 2012

Check all those semiconductors in your collection with this easy-to-build test set!

12/24V MPPT Solar Charge Controller Rev.1

13 March 2012

Interplanetary Voice... and never be caught out, out of your galaxy... again!

05 March 2012

Impersonate a Robot, a Droid or one of the many known interplanetary aliens such as Daleks, Cybermen, Klingons, Cylons or even Darth Vader... build this

Simple 1.2-20V 1.5A Switching Regulator

23 February 2012

This tiny regulator board outputs 1.2-20V from a higher voltage DC supply at currents up to 1.5A. It's small, efficient and cheap to build, with many handy features such as a very low drop-out voltage, little heat generation and electronic shut-down.

SemTest: A Discrete Semiconductor Test Set; Pt.1

17 February 2012

Check all those semiconductors in your collection with this easy-to-build test set!

Crystal DAC: A High Performance Upgrade

11 February 2012

For the very best performance from 24-bit/96kHz recordings - uses the Crystal CS4398 DAC and a discrete transistor output stage

A Really Bright 10W LED Floodlight

05 February 2012

Light level rivals halogens - at MUCH less power!

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