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3-Input Stereo Audio Switcher

31 January 2012

Need more analog audio inputs for your stereo amplifier or home-theatre set-up? This 3-Input Stereo Audio Switcher will do the job. It works with an infrared remote control or you can just press one of the front-panel buttons to select a program source.

Dorji 433MHz Wireless Data Modules

15 January 2012

Chinese 434MHz ISM data modules just keep getting better and better!

Build A Simple AM Radio

11 January 2012

This simple AM radio can built in two forms. One is shirt pocket size, not much larger than an Android phone, which drives headphones or ear-buds. The other is a retro-style mantel radio with a hand-span dial and a 100mm (4-inch) loudspeaker in a basic timber cabinet.

A Stereo Audio Compressor

05 January 2012

Do you hate the way the sound level on your TV suddenly jumps during the advert breaks? Or do you find that the sound levels vary widely when switching between digital TV stations? Or maybe you have problems listening to CDs or MP3s in your car or against the background din during a party? Are the soft parts too soft and the loud parts too loud? This Stereo Compressor will solve that problem. It reduces the dynamic range of the signal while still maintaining clean sound. The unit is also ideal for use with PA systems.

Arduino: What's All The Fuss About

03 January 2012

The low-cost, open-source Arduino microcontroller development board has taken the hobby-electronics world by storm and is now gaining popularity with experienced engineers as well. So what?s all the fuss really about? And anyhow, what's with the name "Arduino" and where did it come from? Read on!

MiniReg 1.3-22V Adjustable Regulator

21 December 2011

This compact regulator PCB can be used to produce a fully regulated DC supply ranging from 1.3V to 22V at currents up to 1A. Depending on how much current you need, it can fit into tiny spaces and is easily connected with 2-pin headers for DC input, DC output, an on/off switch and a LED.

Build A Magnetic Stirrer

13 December 2011

Want CONSISTENTLY GREAT home-brew? Build this magnetic stirrer!

Ultra-LD Stereo Preamplifier & Input Selector, Pt.2

11 December 2011

In Pt.2 this month, we describe the assembly of the Input Selector module and its companion Switch Board. We also show you how to make the IDC cables that link the modules together and give the remote control set-up and test procedure.

Digital Audio Delay For Perfect Lip Sync

06 December 2011

Do you have a large plasma or LCD TV set and a home-theatre system? If so, you may have problems with sound and picture synchronisation (lip-sync). This Digital Audio Delay unit allows you to get the picture and audio perfectly matched. to choose from. To help you in this choice we gathered a number of these to test along with some expansion boards that might help you connect the Maximite to the rest of the world.

2.2-100V Zener Diode Tester

19 November 2011

Got a bunch of unknown diodes and zener diodes? Check 'em all with this . . .

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