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Ultra-LD Stereo Preamplifier & Input Selector, Pt.1

15 November 2011

Designed for use with the Ultra-LD Mk.3 amplifier modules, this high-quality stereo preamplifier features a motorised volume control potentiometer. It is teamed with a 3-Input Selector board and both are controlled by the same infrared remote.

The MiniMaximite Computer

09 November 2011

We now add to the Maximite family with the miniMaximite; a small, low-cost version designed for use as an intelligent controller to plug into your creation. It is fully software compatible with the original Maximite so you can develop and test your program on the larger version, then transfer it to the miniMaximite when you are ready to screw the covers down.

Build A G-Force Meter

07 November 2011

Just what are the g forces involved in a balls-to-the-wall lap of Mt Panorama? This little beauty will tell you: instantaneous acceleration, braking, cornering; forwards, backwards, sideways... and it's battery operated and completely portable, so you can swap it from car to car!

High-Performance Stereo Headphone Amplifier, Pt.2

23 October 2011

Last month we introduced our new Hifi Headphone Amplifier which features very low distortion and noise. It can even drive efficient 8-ohm speakers. This month, we show you how to build and test it.

The USB MIDI-Mate: A MIDI Interface for PCs

19 October 2011

An up-to-date MIDI interface for PCs

Build A Loudspeaker Protector

15 October 2011

Don't let this happen to you!

Digital LED Lighting Controller For Chrismas Lights

09 October 2011

It's that time of year again when all those Christmas lighting devotees start planning and building their displays for the festive season. They might have dozens - if not hundreds - of different light arrays and they will be thinking about buying even more. Is this you? Have you thought about controlling lots of your lights in time to music? Well now you can!

Let's Get Quizzical: A Quiz Game With A Difference

05 October 2011

No more boring old buzzers for us...

Upgrading An Ultra-LD Mk.2 Amplifier To Mk.3 Standard

26 September 2011

This teensy PCB lets you add the vital modifications to an Ultra-LD Mk.2 amplifier to bring it up to Mk.3 performance. We are doing this so that all those people who built the Ultra-LD Mk.2 from the August-September 2008 issues will not be too annoyed with us for superseding it with the Mk.3 version. After all, we want to keep our readers happy and content!

Ultra-LD Mk.3 200W Amplifier Module, Pt.3

22 September 2011

Power supply & quiescent current adjustment

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