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High-Performance Stereo Headphone Amplifier, Pt.1

16 September 2011

If you can't afford a high-performance amplifier and loudspeakers, you can still have the best possible hifi sound, with this headphone amplifier and a set of high-quality headphones.

Improving The GPS-Based Frequency Reference

10 September 2011

Did you build the GPS-based Frequency Reference described in the March-May 2007 issues of SILICON CHIP? Its frequency stability can be significantly improved with a couple of circuit changes, as described here. The modifications also make it easier to lock the oven crystal to the correct frequency.

Ultrasonic Water Tank Level Gauge

04 September 2011

Do you have a tank to collect rainwater? Do you know how much water is in it? This ultrasonic tank level gauge fires an energy burst which bounces off the surface of the water ? and then a microcontroller calculates how far down the tank water level is. Clever, eh!

Rudder Position Indicator For Power Boats, Pt.2

25 August 2011

Last month we introduced our Rudder Position Indicator, which uses a 433MHz wireless link to show the direction a power boat?s rudder is pointing. This month we provide detailed instructions for building and testing both units as well as mounting the sensor unit in the boat.

Ultra-LD Mk.3 200W Amplifier Module, Pt.2

19 August 2011

The Ultra-LD Mk.3 amplifier module introduced last month is by far our lowest distortion Class-AB amplifier design. This month, we present the construction details and give some additional information on its performance.

Build A Digital Spirit Level

11 August 2011

This project is really on the . . . errr . . . level. It's an inclinometer, an electronic version of the old spirit level except that this one gives a digital readout of the angle of any flat surface in 0.1° increments from 0-360°. A MEMS accelerometer chip, as found in tablets and smart phones, is at the heart of the project.

An Electric Stethoscope

05 August 2011

Need to do a bit of self-diagnosis? Make sure your heart is still beating or check other body sounds? Maybe you would like to sort out some unusual rattles or other noises in your car's engine or other machinery? This electronic stethoscope will do the job ? and you can listen via headphones or a loudspeaker. It has switchable frequency shaping in four bands so you can hone in on sounds which might otherwise be masked out.

Rudder Position Indicator For Power Boats

23 July 2011

Part 1

Build A Voice-Activated Relay (VOX)

23 July 2011

Triggers devices on and off with sound.

A Portable Lightning Detector

19 July 2011

This little device could save your life...

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