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Ultra-LD Mk.3 200W Amplifier Module

11 July 2011

Upgraded design has even lower distortion!

A Handy USB Breakout Box For Project Development

23 June 2011

You can build it in 10 minutes and for less than $15

VersaTimer/Switch With Self-Latching Relay

19 June 2011

Use it as a micropower switch, programmable timer and/or 12V battery protector

USB Stereo Recording & Playback Interface

13 June 2011

Now you can use your laptop PC to make high-quality stereo audio recordings with professional standard balanced microphones. This interface unit lets you make recordings at sampling rates up to 48 kilosamples/second and provides high-quality stereo analog line outputs for playback or monitoring. There's also an S/PDIF digital audio input for recording and an S/PDIF digital audio output for playback.

20A12/24V DC Motor Speed Controller Mk.2

07 June 2011

This gutsy little speed controller has a wide range of applications and is simple to build and use. There are no software settings to fiddle with but it does have some really useful features such as low-battery protection, soft start and adjustable pulse frequency. It can run from 12V or 24V batteries at currents up to 20A.

Phone Line Polarity Checker

24 May 2011

Do you suspect your broadband speed (DSL) is slower than it should be? It could be as simple as incorrect polarity in your phone wall socket. Build this very cheap, very simple device to find out whether you need to change your wiring!

12V 100W Converter With Adjustable 15-35V DC Output

16 May 2011

Did you build the 12/24V 3-stage MPPT solar charge controller published in the February 2011 issue? Then you will probably want this companion 12V 100W inverter as well. It will power laptops and other devices which require a DC voltage between 15V & 35V.

The Maximite Computer, Pt.3

10 May 2011

Over the past two months we introduced the Maximite, a tiny microcomputer that can turn its hand to many things, from teaching programming to controlling your greenhouse. In this final article we provide an introduction to the BASIC language running on the Maximite and show you how to use this tiny marvel for measurement and control.

The SportSync Audio Delay Module

04 May 2011

Many sports fans feel that radio commentary is better than that on TV, particularly commercial TV. To eliminate the annoyance of the TV commentary (and the adverts) they want to turn down the sound on the TV and listen to the radio instead. But the delay in the live TV broadcast causes a major problem. This simple project lets you delay the commentary on the radio to match the action on your TV - and it's remote controlled.

The Maximite Computer, Pt.2

27 April 2011

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