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A Speed Controller For Film Projectors

20 April 2011

Do you have old family movies on film? Have you watched them lately? You may be shocked by how much they have deteriorated over the years. They need to be transferred to DVD before the film deteriorates to the point where it is unwatchable. Video conversion is not as straightforward as you might think but this simple project enables you to do it.

Cheap'n'Simple 100V Speaker/Line Checker

18 April 2011

This Speaker/Line Checker will be a boon to anyone setting up 100V PA systems, especially for temporary installations at sporting events, when you need to do everything quickly before the event and be sure that it is all working. With this tester, you can immediately check each PA speaker and line as it is run.

Portable Headphone Amplifier For MP3 Players

16 April 2011

Fixing Transformer Buzz In The Class-A Amplifier

02 April 2011

Since the 20W Stereo Class-A amplifier was published in 2007, it has been widely acclaimed for its sound quality. But there has been a consistent niggle experienced by quite a few constructors ? low level buzz from the power transformer. We recently took a look at this problem and have come up with a cure.

Microphone To Neck Loop Coupler For Hearing Aids

24 March 2011

Hearing-aid wearers often have difficulty understanding conversations in noisy environments, especially if they have switched their personal hearing aid from microphone mode to T-coil mode. This projects solves that problem.

12V 20-120W Solar Panel Simulator

22 March 2011

How do you test or develop a solar charge controller such as the unit described in SILICON CHIP last month? You could use a solar panel but then you are at the whim of the weather and time of day. Also you would need several panels of different sizes to test it properly. This device solves all those problems.

Mains Moderator: Stepping Down The Volts

18 March 2011

Do you have excessive mains voltage at your place? In some parts of Australia the mains voltage can be above 250VAC and that can spell early death for imported appliances rated to work on only 220VAC. In this article we show you how to reduce the mains voltage to a safe level for your equipment.

Universal Voltage Regulator Board

10 March 2011

Digital/Analog USB Data Logger, Pt.3

25 February 2011

In this third and final article on the USB Data Logger, we describe how to use the accompanying Windows host software. This software allows you to edit and test scripts, upload them to the logger and change its settings.

Simple, Cheap 433MHz Locator Transmitter

20 February 2011

So you made last month's 433MHz "sniffer" receiver and now fancy some adventurous tracking? Here's a versatile PICAXE-08M controlled transmitter, based around Jaycar's ZW-3100 companion 433.92MHz ASK (Amplitude Shift Keying) module. While relatively short range, this transmitter makes a great model plane or model rocket locator and/or tracking beacon - something we?ve been asked about numerous times.

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