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Build A 12/24V 3-Stage Solar Charge Controller

10 February 2011

Are you building the ultrasonic anti-fouling unit for your boat? You will need a solar panel and a charge controller to keep the batteries topped up. Or are you thinking of a large solar panel for your caravan or 4-wheel drive? Again, you will need a solar charge controller. This is the one to build.

LED Dazzler: A Driver Circuit For Really Bright LEDs

04 February 2011

Caution: these LEDs are so bright they will burn your eyeballs!

Hearing Loop Signal Conditioner

25 January 2011

Want to drive a hearing loop using a conventional voltage (audio) amplifier? This Hearing Loop Signal Conditioner includes signal compression and has a treble boost control to compensate for high-frequency roll-off due to loop inductance. It uses low-cost parts and is easy to build.

Digital/Analog USB Data Logger, Pt.2

21 January 2011

Last month, we described the main features of the USB Data Logger and gave the circuit details. This month, we give the assembly procedure, explain how to install the Windows driver and PC host software and describe how the unit is used.

Cranial Electrical Stimulation Unit

14 January 2011

Commercial cranial electrical stimulation (CES) units cost hundreds of dollars but this one is cheap and easy to build. It is battery-powered, portable and has adjustable current delivery and repetition rate.

Cheap-N-Easy 433MHz Sniffer

06 January 2011

Here's a simple - and cheap - little 433MHz receiver that has many uses. It is ideal for checking that a suspect 433MHz "wireless" device (and there are scads of them) is actually working. It's great for finding out where interference is coming from. But most importantly (we believe!) it makes a great tracker for "fox hunts" and the like.

Build A Hearing Loop Level Meter, Pt.2

22 December 2010

Last month, we described the circuit for the Hearing Loop Tester and gave the assembly details. This month, we show how to build a calibration coil and adjust the tester so that it gives accurate results. We also describe how the unit is used.

A High-Quality DAB+/FM Tuner, Pt.3

18 December 2010

In this month's final part, we explain how to use the DAB+/FM Stereo Tuner and describe the menu system. We also show you how you can upgrade the firmware if necessary and describe various features of the tuner in detail.

Digital Lighting Controller For Christmas Light Shows, Pt.3

16 December 2010

Christmas is just about here! Have you got your Digital Lighting Controller ready yet? In the first two articles we explained how the Digital Lighting Controller works and how to build it. This third article explains how to use the software - primarily the Windows-based sequencing program.

Digital/Analog USB Data Logger

12 December 2010

Based on a PIC micro, this simple project can log lots of data to a memory card. It can read from many types of digital and analog sensors and features a real-time clock and calendar to "time-stamp" the data. It has a USB port and comes with a PC host program, allowing you to configure the sensors, change settings and charge the battery.

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